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Akua Naru live @ l’International [Concert]

akua-naru-afficheRéserve ton 11 juillet pour le concert d’une artiste Hip Hop de talent : Akua Naru. HipHop4ever est très heureux de s’associer à cet événement. Pas de place à gagner car c’est entrée libre, mais on vous en dit plus sur cette artiste encore méconnue :

Loin du street rap, du rap “hardcore”, ou du rap politico revendicatif, Akua Naru emmène ses auditeurs dans ses voyages musicaux vastes et divers. Du Hip Hop ouvert, large avec des instruments, du boom bap mais pas que … Vous pourrez aussi vous en rendre compte au travers des clips ci-dessous. L’affiche du concert parle d’elle même : du sourire, et du bon son !

Plus d’informations :

Voici quelques morceaux afin de vous faire découvrir cette MC :

The world is listening

The Journey…Aflame

Biographie :
Akua Naru’s journey to acclaimed hip hop artist has led her from North America’s North-East Coast to Cologne, Germany, where she currently resides and creates music. Along this female wordsmith’s journey, there have been many stops – Philadelphia, China, and Ghana, among others – have all informed the wisdom and perspective which is evident in her music. Since the January 2011 release of her debut album “…The Journey Aflame”, Naru has in a short time solidified herself on the scene as a model for what women can be in hip hop.

akua-naru-queen-l The album has been written about in several countries and deemed a classic hip hop contribution by hip hop and jazz critics from New York to Moscow. Placing at number one on the US college radio charts, with the JR & PH7 produced single “The World Is Listening”, in rotation on various national radio stations in France and Germany and appearing in record stores from Paris to Tokyo, “…The Journey Aflame” has definitely proven to do just that; make the world listen.
Throughout the journey that has trailed the album’s release, Naru has counted many achievements, including a 22 date North American tour with her band DIGFLO. Naru has performed with the legendary Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen, toured with classic Hip Hop group Lords Of The Underground, & collaborated with Ursula Rucker, Blitz The Ambassador, and Voice Of Germany soul singer, Mic Donet. All the while, Naru reveals that her journey has not only been set aflame; it has just begun. This May, Akua Naru, intended to, “give back to the people”, by releasing Live & Aflame Sessions, an eleven track live interpretation of the studio produced Journey Aflame album. All tracks were recording live with a 12 piece band in Cologne’s legendary Maarwegstudio2 accompanied by a video series of the same name.
With classic boom bap hip hop sounds, socially conscious rhymes, jazz-soul elements, Naru has garnered attention and accumulated rave reviews.

akua-naru-boomboxBeing associated with artist movements such as the 90’s hip hop era and acts such as Lauryn Hill & The Roots, Naru’s musical and poetic gifts have been appreciated among hip hop circles and are amplified within live performance. Representing strongly when performing with The DIGFLO Band, a six-piece ensemble including drums, keys, saxophone/flute, bass, guitar, and turntables, Akua Naru and her band have a reputation for captivating audiences, hyping crowds, and inspiring many. Clearly, her music and performances are a testiment to the legacy of soul music and the powerful trailblazing female artist traditon on which it builds.

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