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Chris-Blaze : Tonight ‘Ego Out’ + Interview

chris-blaze-tonight-ego-outEn mode découverte avec Chris-Blaze. Ce dernier est un jeune Mc originaire de Caroline du Nord (USA), actuellement basé en Europe (à Londres). Il nous offre pour ses 22 printemps un EP/Tape 9 titres gratuits : “Tonight ‘Ego Out'”.

En plus de cet EP nous nous sommes entretenus avec le MC afin de vous le présenter plus en détail : Interview “in english please”. Let’s talk about HH.

Why this name as a Mc : Chris – Blaze?
I changed my name twice i think, but the blaze always stayed… So one day I chose to add Chris infront of the Blaze since Christian is my gov.

Why a free project / tape ?
I chose to let Tonight “Ego Out”EP be a free download because I hadn’t dropped a solid project since i was like since December 7th is my birthday i thought I’d flip things around and give my loved ones and supporters a gift.

[audio:|autostart=yes|width=50%|titles=Tonight Ego Out |artists=Chris-Blaze]

cblaze-micWhat are your project ?
My projects i got a lot at the moment, i am currently in Europe doing lots of shows and going to college in London, on top of that I got two more tapes to drop including an EP im working on with my boy from London “Cee Figures” The EP is entitled “London City Grindin’ Carolina Shinin'”. After all that I plan on focusing on what we could call an album but thats down the line When all is done a return trip home to Carolina(North) will be more than well deserved I think.

What do ya think about european and French rap ?
European Rap is alright in my book, I listen to a lot of UK (London)Rap due to the language of course. I listen to artists such as DJ Ames(He drops the sickest mixtapes of various artists), Cee Figures, J Spades, them the big bros in London, shoutout to Warblock, More Money & Piscess ent thas all fam right there.When it comes to French Rap, I think its cool sounds deeper like most rappers talk about politics which i find cool.. I listen to Grodash, Booba a lil Black Kent here and there and i like Sniper he has crazy beats at times and Pesoa & his Skwere team..They’re all alright to me.

Do You plan to do a song / track with a French rapper ?
I’ve done plenty tracks with French artists, matter fact there’s a feat on my Ep with two French rappers Shaka(Marseille) & Grg(Paris 93). Its track #6 on the Ep. Other then that i’ve worked with Lady Dakween, Dj Sizix, Tony Diez, Houssways&Napyd(Rockmatissma), and a couple more underground artists.

What means for ya HipHop4ever ?
HipHop4ever means for life. It’s Been There, It’s Here & WILL ALWAYS BE HERE.

Download the EP(mixtape):

Chris-Blaze Feat. Cee Figures – Wherever You Like (Produced By Whiteface Da Beat Boss)

Fiche Artiste :

chris-blaze-tonight-ego-outChris blaze is one of the most unique and talented musicians to have stepped into the UK and dominate the Hip hop underground scene. Blaze has been proclaimed as the ‘future of hip hop’ due to his sound, versatility, style and diverse roots which separate him from the rest.

The 22 year old rapper originally from North Carolina has always aimed at developing his rhyming skills at any given chance he had, including school events, family gatherings, local clubs and even on the streets where he learnt to battle local rappers in the neighborhood. As Chris’s talents continued to progress, so did his name and fan base which led to his name ‘Blaze’ (given to him at the young age of 12 by ‘OGs’ of his neighbourhood who where already impressed and amazed by his talents).

A product of his environment is what Chris intended to be from an early age. Therefore by the age of 14 young Chris-Blaze was signed to an independent label ‘Jsoundz Music Entertainment’. The label worked with the young Blaze for 4 years giving him the opportunity to tour around the world and familiarise himself with the expectations a artist must endure. By the age of 18 Chris-Blaze was a working success with an impressive ear for music and the ability to capture a crowd with his star quality.

In 2008 due to unmet promises and agreements, a decision was made between Chris-Blaze and his former label to part ways. Now as an independent artist Chris-Blaze continues to pursue his love for music through his lyrics. He has a way of incorporating very diverse style ranging from English to French (due to his Mother’s french heritage).

Blaze’s influences vary from rappers such as Notorious BIG, 2pac, Jay-z, Fabolous, Red Cafe and Yo Gotti. These inspiring artists have all had an impact on his style. Having to grow up in a tough community like most young black men of his age, he experienced gang related issues and loss. Any listener can clearly hear his pain, joy and tears within his words. Chris-Blaze is best known for his versatility with different genres of songs and lyrics in Hip Hop. “I let my feelings guide my writing.”

chris-blaze-portraitHaving done shows in Paris, London, Montreal and Bruxell, Chris-Blaze has expanded his talents and abilities as a performer to deliver an outstanding performance… turned him into the full package. Chris-Blaze has also released a few songs on over the years while building his fan base via internet and local shows in london.

Chris-Blaze released his very first mixtape at the age of 18, entitled ‘Trueside Volume 1 T.O.A.P.‘ (Tale Of A Prince). It was available as a free download on hip hop websites such as and The project contained 31 tracks including features from local artists and mainstream artists such as Amil(roc a fella), Petey Pablo and Shelly B.

The young talent then went on to release his first single “Rise” via Myspace, which was followed by “Flyer Than The Rest”, all released in 2008. ‘Flyer Than The Rest’ was made into a music video but unfortunately not released.

In 2010 Chris-Blaze has worked with several artists world wide. As he continues to successfully grow as an artist and climb to the top, it is only a matter of time before his time comes… sky is the limit.

Chris is in the process of working on a new project with a new label ‘More Money Music’ presenting “Henny And The Remy”. A track he features on, planning to be released this winter or early 2011, which should kick off a big chain of events for the promising young rapper.

For it’s 22th Birthday he offers to his public an EP with 9 tracks/songs “Tonight ‘Ego Out'” : Download It >> Here <<

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