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Eeva – Didn’t I & Backdoor [Sons]

Voici une nouvelle découverte, pleines de douceurs avec une jeune artiste de 25 ans, du nom d’Eeva et venant de Serbie. Cette dernière propose un subtil mélange de r&b/hip-hop/soul. Nous vous proposons de découvrir deux de ses derniers sons.
On vous laisse vous poser et écouter.


Eeva – ”Didn’t I”

Eeva – “Backdoor”

Eeva (25) is an upcoming female r&b/hip-hop/soul singer and a songwriter. Influenced by the legendary acts of 90’s such as Aaliyah,Erykah Badu,Brandy, Mary J Blige; Eeva is creating a catchy and authentic soulful hip-hop/soul songs she feels the music industry is missing today. Eeva is this year’s semi-finalist of the serbians version of the show “Got talent”. Eeva auditioned with her band (neo-soul/acid jazz/hip-hop/funk: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard) and her interpretation of ‘’On & On’’ by Erykah Badu caught attention both by the media and Ms. Badu herself. Badu shared Eeva’s performace on Twitter and expressed her amazement. In semi-finals of the show ‘’Serbia’s got talent’’ Eeva decided to step out with her own song ‘’Backdoor’’ which will be featured on her first EP through independent, yet most known Serbian hip-hop label Bassivity Digital. The song was critically very well received and Eeva also penned and sold many songs for TV commercials.
After r&b/pop single “Backdoor” (produced by Coby, Bassivity Digital), Eeva released her second, more hip-hop influenced single “Didn’t I” (produced by S-kicka, Serbia) off her first EP.
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