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Sareem Poems & Imperial – God Bless the Child [Son]

Encore un cadeau et une nouvelle découverte US, un duo : Sareem Poems & Imperial nous offrent leur premier single : God Bless The Child. Ces deux artistes tout récemment devenus papa préparent pour 2014 un projet commun. Bonne écoute.

This is the first single from Sareem Poems and Imperial. The duo is working on an EP together to be released on Illect Recordings in 2014. Both became Dad’s for the first time, within about 4 months of each other. The instrumental version of “God Bless the Child” was originally released as a celebration to the birth of Imperial’s son (March 2013) and has now been reworked into a vocal version.

“Around the time Imperial and I were starting our project, he released an instrumental called God Bless the Child. Everyone raved about it and the emotion of the beat grabbed me. I immediately thought about my son Zaire, the journey to the day of his birth and the lengths I would go to make sure he knows that he is loved.

I hit up Imperial about the idea of adding vocals to his masterpiece. My lyrics detail my personal journey of being a father. I’m sure that other fathers and mothers can relate. It was also a chance to have my wife sing on something (her voice is beautiful). I hope I have added to the brilliance Imperial shared with you all not too long ago.” – Sareem Poems

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