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Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy & Klassik – Wait [Son]

Dana Coppafeel et Speak Easy sont issus du Milwaukee (US). Ils présentent une chanson “de lover” afin d’annoncer leur prochain projet prévu pour avril. SPEAK Easy et Dana Coppafeel invitent Klassik sur le morceau “Wait“.

A la prod : CameOne; Klassik & Da Ricanstrukta.

Milwaukee hip-hop artists Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy are back with a second–and totally different–single “Wait”. A modern love song, “Wait” is off the forthcoming April EP, Uni.Fi Records Presents…

“What first started as a simple loop, given to Uni-Fi Records by Milwaukee producer CameOne, turned into the masterpiece you hear today,” explains Coppafeel of how Wait came about. “Klassik, who’s featured on the song was struck with inspiration when he first heard the loop and we knew we had something.”

The unusual partnership has been a boundary-pusher for both rappers; and the especially-collaborative process, that engaged national and local artists, musicians and producers, has added a new dimension to their sound as well.

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