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Landon Wordswell – “Forget Everything” [Clip/Intw]

Nous vous proposons de découvrir un MC américain de talent : Landon Wordswell (Eugene, OR) au travers de son morceau/clip “Forget Everything“. Ce morceau est un peu sa carte de visite et son parcours. L’enfant joue son propre personnage. Sur une Instru de Thomas Prime et un Clip réalisé par Masood Tahir. Nous vous proposons en complément une petite interview de ce MC qui a su attirer notre attention. Rencontre (…)

Hello Mister, could you introduice yourself to our readers ?

My name’s Landon Wordswell. I started rapping when I heard Talib Kweli & Mos Def. I got into hip hop late though. I didn’t start rapping until I was in High school. Im from the St Louis area. Mostly familiar with the Illinois side of things though.

What is the meaning of this song (Forget everything)?

The video is a personal story about myself. The video depicts a child going through many phases in life and his love for art. He confides in his book where he writes and sketches constantly. A form of expressive art. As he grows, he is picked on, bullied by other teens. These are important stages in his life that craft him into the person he becomes eventually. Once he matures he deals with responsibilities (ie. bills, loans, etc.) He reminisces about the past events, constantly contemplating about the dark phases he went through to get to the point in life where he is at now. (The alleys represent this)
He realizes that the countless times he spent expressing himself through art and creativity – Has made him more optimistic in life, appreciating every struggle that he experienced. (The field represents this). Eventually, he found Hope through his struggles.

Why are you rapping?

I am rapping because I want to make a difference. Not only in the hip hop community, but in society as a whole. I want to use my music as a tool to further my dreams of being an activist. I want to build villages & communities that have been broken down and neglected. I understand that it is the one’s with prominent voices that get a chance to speak. I want to gain that voice and make a change. My tool of choice just so happens to be music.

What is your next step?

My next step is to gain a more solid fan base. I’ve been blessed enough to travel constantly through the U.S. for tours and shows. I believe in the door to door mentality. I want to reach a mass amount of people the old fashioned way. My next step is to make albums and tour.

Who is doing your instrumentals?

I have a vast array of people making beats for me. I have an album coming out completely produced by my labelmate, Kondor. Kondor and Thomas Prime do the majority of my beats.

Do you need some instrumentals?

I love being inspired by new sounds and new producers. I would love some new sounds to dig into.

Do you know some french rap? Do you want to collaborate with some of them ?

I’m always up for a great collaborative effort. I love french rap. It’s so slick and it sounds so effortless. Im not too familiar with
any French hip hop artists, but I’ve heard a few and they sound amazing.

How did you hear about ou site

Well, my record label that I’m on is located in London. They have a list of websites to keep my eye open for and you all’s site was one of the sites that my label wanted me to connect with you all.

Do you need help to promote your music in France ?

I would love help in any place possible. France seems like such a GREAT place for underground hip hop! I would love help to spread my music in France! Thank you!

Plus d’informations sur ce MC : (des morceaux à télécharger gratuitement > ICI <)

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